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Home purchased for identity theft purpose

It appears that the powerful fraud ntro employee parmar was infatuated with the eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, and naina and her husband purchased the house intentionally for identity theft purposes , with the help of the powerful fraud ntro employee parmar.
It appears that parmar was overconfident that he could frame the harmless domain investor, making up fake stories and then force her to give up her identity to his girlfriend naina so he got his girlfriend naina, a lucrative cbi jobs, falsely claiming that his semi educated girlfriend who has never operated a computer was a domain investor.
Initially when the domain investor was living in mumbai, the cunning fraud parmar was very successful in defaming, cheating and exploiting her, however the domain investor realized that the crook parmar was exploiting her weak points and took care not to make the same mistakes in goa.
Till date, parmar’s girlfriend naina’s neighbours continue to comment on the large amount of money which was invested in the expensive construction of the home