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Little help available for citizens against land grabbing by government employees

The indian government is only paying lip service to eliminating black money, corruption, no action is taken against the corrupt indian government employees who are wasting a huge amount of tax payer money and resources to grab the real estate of vulnerable indian citizens especially single women, senior citizens and NRIs who are not in India.
Compared to places like Mumbai, where people are living in flats, the harassment is obvious in small towns like panaji, where the ownership of properties, especially larger properties are changing. There are many ways used by the local intelligence and security agencies for harassment ranging from surveillance, organized stalking, and directed energy radiation attacks which cause headache, insomnia, great pain, memory loss and other health problems.
If these methods are not working other more drastic methods of harassment are used, like damaging the water pump , so that the water supply is limited. There is no help for the citizens being harassed, as the local officials say that the harassment is a central government decision, and filing an RTI also does not help as the government is in denial