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No action against real estate companies who cheat customers

For almost all real estate purchases, the buyer has to pay advance booking or token amount . However in many cases, the seller is not able to deliver the land or real estate, and promises to refund the advance booking amount to the real estate buyer. In reality the seller will promise refund of the advance amount, yet the buyer will have to wait for many months or years to get his or her hard earned money back.
For example a payment was made in February 2013, the seller indicated that the project was cancelled in April 2015, and the refund would be given in June 2016 . Later the date of refund was changed to September 2016. However nearly one year later the buyer who has invested money, paying an advance has not received the refund, despite following up regularly.
The cbi, ntro employees who hound,defame, cheat, exploit, torture harmless domain investors making fake allegations without any proof , refuse to take any action against the real estate companies who cheat harmless investors, though plenty of proof of non payment can be provided.