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Finding the Perfect Apartment is Like Finding a Rare Treasure

We got married and got a dog nine months later. We used the timing to say that he was our first kid. It was funny how that little puppy ended up being exactly like our kid. He is as much a part of us as my wife and I are family. There was no way we would be moving without our dog. When we were wanting to move when our lease was up, we looked for luxury apartments for Mission Viejo. We found a great place that is pet friendly. I am really appreciative that property management companies now realize that younger couples with dogs really consider them to be a part of the family, and that we are very responsible with our pets.

Our dog has health insurance, a microchip, has all of his vaccinations and eats ultra-premium dog food. We even have a video monitoring system to keep an eye on him while we work. We both can telecommute certain days each week, so he is rarely left alone longer than about five hours. He is cool with it even though we are not. We are like doting parents who worry about him. The place is very nice where we moved to. We both really like the pool. We like our neighbors, and the rent is affordable to us. My wife’s brother needed a place, and he is renting a studio apartment here, and he likes it so much that he said he would sign for another year’s lease now if he could.

We have a two-bedroom apartment with one room being used as our telecommuting office. The on-site business center lets us take care of anything we need to that may pop up when we telecommute. We certainly like the freedom. A new contract may make it so we can telecommute 19 out of 23 working days per month. We are both bidding for that job. It will be great to just be able to work from the apartment, swim at lunch and enjoy staying at home with our dog.