Daily trespassing in the house of google competitor in panaji, goa

Crime rates in panaji,goa are so high, that daily intelligence and security agency employees in panaji, goa are criminally trespassing in the house of the google competitor and stealing low value items as part of their bribery and extortion racket in campal,panaji, goa.
The google competitor , a single woman engineer has already changed the lock 4 times since January 2018, yet the security agency employees are using the sophisticated tools available with them, to trespass into the house and steal small items, when the engineer is away from her house.
These government employees are getting a very good monthly salary, pension after retirement, yet there is no limit to the greed of these government employees as they trespass in the house daily in panaji, goa, stealing whatever they wish.
For example the google competitor had changed the battery of her clock, and kept the old panasonic battery on the bed. The criminal security agency employees in panaji, goa who are criminally trespassing, entered the house and bedroom, changed the position of the battery and kept in on the rug, covering the cupboard drawer which they had pulled out on 16 february 2018. This is proof of the regular criminal trespassing in panaji, goa