Goa government subjecting citizens who are caretakers for their relatives to financial, real estate fraud, criminally defaming them

The domain investor is working parttime as caretaker, yet goa government continues its FINANCIAL FRAUD on her, criminally defaming her as a criminal for not staying at her mailing address

For most senior citizens, and those above 70, there is usually a caretaker living with them or helping them.
The caretaker is spending most of their time with the senior citizen, they are not at their mailing address, and are not falsely criminally defamed as criminals
The caretakers are paid Rs 12000-Rs 30000 monthly depending on senior citizens condition
The domain investor is also working parttime as a caretaker for a relative as a social service ,and she is not paid anything and is paying the expenses of the senior citizen. In the same building there are at least two other caretakers for senior citizens who are paid for their services.

Yet the goa government continues with its financial fraud on her, making fake claims about her paypal, bank account to criminally, cheat , defame and exploit her in a clear case of banking, real estate fraud