Latest FAKE dengue complaint to goa health department is legally valid proof of raw/cbi real estate, BANKING FRAUD in panaji, goa

latest FAKE dengue complaint to goa health department exposes raw/cbi real estate, BANKING FRAUD
One of the greatest frauds of ntro, raw, cbi is how they are falsely claiming goan bhandari call girls, school dropout and her sons , who do no computer work, own the house, paypal, bank account, domains of a single woman engineer, domain investor to pay all these frauds a monthly raw/cbi salary for more than seven years.
In reality these google, tata sponsored lazy fraud raw/cbi employees do not own the house, domains, bank account, they are only BRIBING the relevant officials who are making FAKE CLAIMS, yet raw/cbi refuse to investigate the fraud.
The goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan, sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, her sons karan, nikhil, also HATE the domain investor and are filing FAKE dengue complaint to goa health department, every year, for the last 3 years.
If these fraud raw/cbi employees were legally owning the property, can raw/cbi explain why they are filing FAKE dengue complaints every year for the property with the goa health department.
Getting hold of the complaint filed by the fraud raw/cbi employees faking domain ownership with the health department is clearly proof of the panaji real estate, BANKING fraud of ntro, raw, cbi