Greedy goan bhandari panaji scammer sisters trying to grab property of their cousin sister after mentally torturing her

Greedy goan bhandari panaji scammer sisters have locked their cousin sister out of her house
Greedy goan bhandari panaji scammer sisters dog owning R&AW employee sunaina chodan, purvi, piyu are allegedly involved in major real estate fraud in panaji. In addition to trying to grab the house of the domain investor which purvi openly boasted in december 2019, they are also targetting their cousin tati for real estate fraud, trying to grab her flat.
On January 30, 2021, the cousin tati was loudly complaining that she had been locked out of her house for more than one hour in panaji and was demanding a key to the house. Though no one in the area was listening to tati, it appears that the scammer sisters are planning to join politics, and are also allegedly offering sex services. since tati has no brother or sister she is an easy target for fraud, with no one to help her
The Greedy goan bhandari panaji scammer sisters are allegedly trying to get their cousin tati declared mentally unsound with the help of a famous doctor , so that they can grab her property. It appears that they have already declared their intent openly

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