Help required to end littering of home by high status neighbors in panaii, goa dumping empty Chupa Chips yellow packets

Empty yellow plastic packets of Chupa Chips bites multicolor again dumped at the patio of the domain investors house in posh area of panaji
since 2012, some extremely powerful people in panaji, goa have hated the domain investor and are always looking for ways to harass and cheat her though she does not interact with most people in goa or interfere in their life
The domain investor has a house in a better area of panaji, and though littering of her compound by neighbours had stopped for some time, it appears to have resumed again.
On 23 March, 2021, the domain investor found two empty yellow plastic packets of Chupa Chips bites multicolor dumped at steps of the patio again, only to harass her and litter her house. Again the neighbors who are filing fake dengue complaints are the main suspects for the littering. The investigation to trace the persons who dumped the chips continues
Any suggestions which will help in ending littering by high status well connected neighbours in panaji, will be greatly appreciated,