To show house locked, greedy gujju fraudster amita patel gets her associate send Money Order with different name

In another of the endless frauds of apostek director puneet joshi, though he and his girlfriend stock broker amita patel have never paid any money for domains, he got amita patel a government job falsely claiming that she owned the domains of his female btech 1993 ee classmate from iit bombay
Though she is making more than Rs 1.8 crore monthly from training fees alone, being extremely greedy amita patel has refused to purchase the domains, instead criminally defaming the single woman, showing her house locked to get a monthly government salary faking domain ownership
Now in the latest fraud, on 8 march 2022, amita patel allegedly got her associate from bodakev ahmedabad send a money order in the name of maya (name changed) which is not the name of the domain investor
Since the domain investor does not have identity proof in other persons name, the money order was returned and amita patel is now falsely claiming that the house is locked to continue with her domain ownership fraud, deny the single woman a passport
This shows how cunning the gujjus are, if the domain investor had taken the money, she would either face a court case, or would be asked to sell for cheap, and if she does not take the MO, the house is locked, to continue the domain fraud and deny passport