People change their residence periodically yet government refuses to end its online money making fraud td

Linkedin profile of sindhi scammer brothers karan, nikhil premchandani expose government SLAVERY RACKET in indian internet sector
Though they make millions of dollars in profit. indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google,tata are extremely ruthless in destroying the life of small business owners to increase their million dollar profits
Instead of acknowledging the citizen, domain investor doing the computer work, investing money online, the tech and internet companies are extremely aggressive in slandering the domain investor to ruin the reputation, and then falsely claiming that the work is done by some well connected high status frauds in the area, to get all the frauds, government jobs at the expense of the real domain investor
The sindhi scammer brothers raw/cbi employees karan, nikhil premchandani, sons of the kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani are some of the main beneficiaries of the great goan online fraud, since top government officials are infatuated with naina and are willing to abuse their powers to keep her happy.
As long as the domain investor was in goa, the sindhi scammer brothers and their mother enjoyed, after the domain investor left goa, the sindhi scammer brothers have also relocated to pune and noida. Though there is no connection at all with the domain investor, the government continues to waste taxpayer money paying the sindhi scammer brothers a monthly raw/cbi salary for faking bank account, online income, in a clear case of government SLAVERY

like the domain investor, others making money online, also change their residence for multiple reasons, yet the government refuses to correct its flawed policy of falsely linking lazy greedy scammers with hardworking online workers, who are then denied the income and opportunities they deserved