Landlord lawyer in New York

Real estate in New York is expensive, and many real estate owners will lease their property as they can get a regular income without much effort . Though most property owners try to take the precautions to ensure that the tenant for their property is honest and reliable, paying the monthly rental on time, vacating the property there are many cases, when they face problems with their tenant. When there is a dispute the landlord for the property will try to resolve the matter amicably initially, contacting the tenant repeatedly. However if the landlord fails to resolve the dispute, they will have to contact a Landlord Lawyer .

One of the most common problems faced by landlords is that the tenant is not able to pay the rent on time. While in some cases, the non payment may be due to genuine problems and the tenant will pay as soon as possible, in many cases, the landlord will have to initiate legal action against the tenant to force the tenant to pay the rental amount due and vacate the house. It is advisable for the property owner to hire the services of an experienced Landlord Lawyer as they are aware of the legal procedures to be followed, so that the landlord is able to recover the rental amount due quickly, and get a new tenant.

Usually the landlord will have a rental deal with the tenant for a specific period of time, and after the lease period is over the tenant is expected to vacate the house or renew the lease deal, often paying a higher monthly rent. However in some cases, the tenant may not vacate the home after the lease period is over and also not renew the lease deal. In this case, the landlord is not getting any money from the expensive property he has invested in, and is also unable to get a new tenant who will pay a monthly rental for the property as it is occupied. Most landlords will contact the tenant and ask them to vacate the property using conventional means like phone calls, personal visits

When conventional methods of forcing a tenant to vacate the property fail, the landlord should contact an experienced Landlord Lawyer in New York, who will initiate legal action against the tenant so that the tenant is forced to leave the property at the earliest. As the property is expensive and rental rates are high, it is advisable to contact a reliable Landlord lawyer specializing in real estate rental laws as he will ensure that the tenant vacates the landlords property quickly without creating any further legal complications, allowing the landlord to find a more reliable tenant for the property.

In most rental agreements, the property owner can ask the tenant to vacate the property after giving the required notice, and if the tenant refuses to do so, the property owner can initiate Holdover proceedings to get possession of the property. Consulting a Landlord lawyer will help the property owner get possession of the property quickly and conveniently. In some cases, the tenant or Department of Housing Preservation and Development may initiate HP proceedings against the landlord, asking the landlord to repair the house, and in these cases also the landlord lawyer will help the landlord resolve the matter amicably.