Upset at the failure of their real estate fraud, government officials are criminally trespassing daily

One of the major problems of living in goa, is that government employees are extremely greedy , arrogant and tend to underestimate the person whose real estate they try to grab, like the google competitor and domain investor. When their real estate fraud fails, they are then harassing the google competitor daily in a clear case of abuse of power, instead of giving up.

In a clear example of the extreme hostility towards the google competitor in panaji, goa, it appears that the corrupt government employees in panaji, goa freelancing for google, tata are hating the google competitor so much, that they are not even allowing her to collect rain water in containers in her compound

After the google competitor came back from Mumbai on 22 July 2018, she noticed that the containers were kept upside down again, so she kept them with their mouth upward, so that rain water could be collect.
However on 24 July 2018, the google competitor again observed that the containers were kept upside down again , clear proof of the extreme hostility which she faces. It appears that some coward who hates the google competitor and does not have the courage to face her, is monitoring her activities, criminally trespassing in her home, and intentionally keeping the containers upside down.

The google competitor has interacted with very few people in goa, so it clearly indicates that some powerful person is very upset that his real estate fraud plan of stealing the house of the google competitor has failed ,