A Great House for My Family

When my company offered me a promotion, it meant that I had to move to Utah. I did not mind that at all because I have family in the area I would have to move to. My wife and children were on board with the move because it meant a better life for all of us. We decided to find the best Utah County real estate agent before we even went there, so we could have a list of houses to look at when I went there to stay for a couple of weeks to get things in order.

My wife and children would come with me since the kids were on summer break, and we would all pick our next home together. The agent that we went with was pretty awesome. We found out a lot about the area from him, and he suggested a few different areas based on our answers to some questions he had. We told him when we would be out, and he had a list of ten different houses for us to look at. I took two days off to do that, but I only needed one because we all liked the fourth house we looked at on the first day.

It is situated on two acres of land, but we still have neighbors that are pretty close. The house itself has a bedroom for each kid, plus we have a spare one for a guest room. There is also a modern kitchen, a large study/library, a family room, and even a gym. There is also a four car garage that will come in handy in about seven years when our twins start driving. Everything looked amazing, and we decided that we did not need to look at any of the houses. Everything moved pretty quick from that point on, and we have been living here happily for almost two years now.