So Many Amenities at Parc Esta

When I first heard about Parc Esta in Singapore, I thought that it was going to be like any other modern condo development. It is in a lot of ways, but there is so much more at Parc Esta that really drew me in. I was able to look at some pictures, and I was enamored right away. One picture, in particular, made me realize that this was not like other developments. There is a group seating area that has a fire pit in the center, and it is right in the center of a large body of water. It is simply gorgeous, and I knew I wanted to be there.

That is not the only thing, but I am quite the social butterfly, and I knew that I would enjoy meeting new friends and maybe even find someone who would be more than a friend. There are two gyms there also. One is an outdoor gym, and the other is an indoor gym. I have never seen that before, and I really like it because it allows me to get in different kinds of workouts. There are so many things that are going to be there, and I just want to take part in all of them!

The condos are gorgeous too. I was able to look at some floor plans, and I like that there are so many different options available. I am a single woman, but I am hoping to get married one day. Until then, I am going to have a two bedroom condo here, and hopefully, when I meet the right person he will want to move into mine once we are married. Until then, I can use the second bedroom as my home office, and I can take advantage of everything that Parc Esta offers to the residents.