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Security agency employees target real estate owners

In India security agency employees are extremely powerful , and they are abusing their great powers to target people who own valuable real estate, which these government employees wish to acquire cheaply. This greed of government employees is cleverly exploited by large corporates like google, tata who are aware of the fact that there is no limit to the greed of government employees and almost no action will be taken against them if they abuse their powers for personal gain or hatred. Owners of real estate in posh areas, which is valuable are particularly targetted
Making flimsy excuses the local security agency employees are putting the real estate owner under surveillance and then entering the house whenever they wish using the master keys available with them
They are always looking for an opportunity to frame the home owner so that they can file a fake case and grab the property. Many security agency employees who are accused of corruption have a large amount of real estate which they have grabbed.