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Domain revenues compared with real estate rentals

while detailed information about property rates in Delhi is not available, it appears that in India, Mumbai has some of the highest real estate rental rates making investing in a property a very lucrative deal.

for example the domain investor invested more than Rs 80 lakh in domain names with an indian company, and found that her resume, retirement savings, correspondence and memory were stolen without a court order or legally valid reason and she is making Rs 10000 or less monthly in 2017 despite her best efforts due to widespread financial fraud, sex racket of google, tata, ntro, cbi, raw and indian security agencies. It is also easier to sell the real estate.

On other hand, a real estate investor who invested Rs 40 lakh in property at around the same time is making Rs 35000 monthly from renting the property, clearly indicating that investing in real estate is a much better option than investing money online, due to the widespread corporate espionage, google online fraud, corruption and nepotism in R&AW, CBI, ntro, indian government agencies .

The online income of a person is very unpredictable, he or she may make a lot of money in one year, and after a few years, the online income will decline drastically and there is almost nothing that can be done.

Single women are more likely to be subjected to real estate fraud in goa

In a clear indication of the worsening status of educated women, especially in goa, only single women are openly and brazenly subjected to real estate fraud in panaji, goa, with many people, especially raw/cbi employees, falsely claiming to own the house to get a monthly government salary without doing any work, without investing any money online at all.
there are other forms of harassment of the single women who own property in goa
– burglary, robbery and ransacking
– spreading false defamatory rumors
– criminal trespassing
– damage to pump
– not allowing her to get the property repaired
In contrast, property owned by men is less likely to be subjected to real estate fraud