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Now russian websites are also carrying the news of pritesh chodankar, sunaina’s real estate fraud

Though the indian and goan government continue to falsely claim that goan bhandari government employees pritesh chodankar, slim R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan, who offers sex services are role models who cannot do anything incorrect, the whole world is aware of the fact that pritesh chodankar is involved in a major real estate fraud in panaji goa.
The ruthless liar pritesh chodankar and sunaina are without any morals, honesty and humanity, instead of working hard to purchase her own house legally, sunaina is falsely claiming to own the house of a single woman engineer who she and her relative pritesh chodankar hates. She is also getting masterkeys for the house from her lovers, relatives and criminally trespassing on the house regularly to rob whatever she wishes
Though the goan government refuses to end the fraud, the russian website has news of the real estate fraud of pritesh chodankar, sunaina, indicating rampant real estate fraud in panaji, goa