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When school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina chandan is not at home, no one falsely claims that she has shifted, or owns her house

One of the greatest frauds of the intelligence and security agencies is how they are falsely claiming that the domain investor has shifted, and that raw/cbi employees own her house, just because she is not in the house all the time.
In reality most people are not at home all the time, they often have to go out for shopping, bank and other work
They are also are out of the state for a holiday
Sometimes even the goan government role model school dropout naina chandan is not at home, they visit kolhapur for 3-4 days, and there is no one in their house.
In other cases, naina is not at home for at least one hour in the morning, she is going for some yoga classes since the indian government is paying all her expenses to reward her for her sex services to top government employees
It is an indication of real estate fraud in goa, that the government continues to make fake claims about home ownership, just because the home owner is not at home, when their employees are contacting