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To cover up their real estate fraud, panaji SCHOOL DROPOUT cbi employee naina chandan, her fraud sons, nikhil,karan, circulating photoshopped videos of engineer

One of the greatest real estate, banking frauds is how the goan and indian government refuses to investigate the real estate fraud of the SCHOOL DROPOUT cbi employee housewife naina chandan, who looks like actress sneha wagh her lazy fraud young sons, nikhil,karan because this shameless FRAUD LIAR family is making and circulating photoshopped videos of the harmless hardworking single woman engineer, who owns the house, paypal,and bank account

just because the panaji gujju fraud family of the school dropout sex service provider cbi employee naina chandan, is circulating PHOTOSHOPPED photos and videos of the engineer, the goan government blindly believes in the lies of the FRAUD LIAR gujju panaji family and their fake claims that they own the house of the single woman engineer, though the gujju fraud family has no legal papers .

It is an indication of the worsening status of educated women in India and goa, that no is asking the the fraud gujju family why they are defaming a harmless single woman engineer making PHOTOSHOPPED videos when she is in public places, why they are not leaving the engineer alone