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SCHOOL DROPOUT cbi employee naina chandan’s husband CRIMINALLY TRESPASSES in the home of the domain investor

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On 29 december 2019, the balding bespectacled husband of SCHOOL DROPOUT cbi employee naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh CRIMINALLY TRESPASSES on the home of the domain investor at around 11 am. Though they are the most ruthless cheaters and frauds, naina chandan and her family try to act as if they are very kind people.So they always put food and water for crows and other birds
The birds will often drop the containers in the homes of other people in the area
It appears that a white container was dropped in the cement patio and mud of the house of the domain investor.
So naina chandan’s husband, stealthily unlocked the gate, to criminally trespass on the property, picked up the empty white container and then left quickly without closing the gate.
The domain investor observed the trespassing, yet did not make a noise, since he left immediately If he had stayed for a longer time, she would have filed a complaint of criminal trespassing
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