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Criminal trespassers keep containers outdoors, houseowner falsely blamed

In a unique kind of harassment, the security agencies are giving masterkeys of house to their associates, which allow to trespass some homes in la campala colony, panaji, goa. The home owner is putting multiple locks yet the homes are being trespassed for the last few years

These criminal trespassers are keeping plastic containers outdoors in the balcony and terrace without being detected
Then the associates of these panaji criminal trespassers are taking photos of the plastic containers and complaining to the health department that the home owner is causing dengue. The home owner is not living in the area overnight due to the high crime rate and burglary, yet she is being falsely blamed and harassed for the criminal trespassers activities.

Instead of harassing the home owner, the health department should ask the security agencies why they are giving master keys to private homes, to trespassers who are then keeping the containers outside.