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My husband and I knew we wanted to live in Denver permanently after just spending a few months here. He had the option to accept a permanent position at his job or could remain just for two years and move on to the next place his company would send him. We fell in love with Denver though, which is saying a lot because this was the fourth city we had been to with the same offer in the last ten years. I told him I wanted to find a good Denver realtor to start looking at homes.

We were living in a corporate apartment at the time, but I wanted my own home now that we had made the decision to stay here. It was nice being able to take my time in looking at homes though. I was not sure if I would find the home I wanted to make ours on the first day of talking with the realtor, or if we would be living in the corporate apartment for months. Either way, it did not matter because we knew that we were going to find the home we wanted in this amazing city.

The realtor asked us a lot of questions on what we wanted, and they were easy to answer. We wanted at least four bedrooms because we have two young children and hopefully one more on the way soon. We also wanted a huge yard where the kids can play and have fun. We wanted to be able to entertain friends and family there, so a large driveway and a deck or patio were also musts. Finally, he wanted a home office, and I wanted a library and a modern kitchen. I don’t think we were asking for a lot, and I guess we weren’t because it only took about six weeks to find a home that met all of our requirements!