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We wanted to get as close to DC as possible without actually living in the DC Metro Area where we worked. We were fine with commuting by train on the VRE, but we wanted the station to be within walking distance to not have a train and car commute every day. When we were looking for apartments for rent in Manassas VA, we found the Palisades at Manassas Park, Virginia that met that criteria. The train station is just a short walk from the door that leads to our apartment. Plus, we got an amazing apartment too.

The fitness center on site has the high-endurance cardio gear I like to use along with all the other gear you would typically find in a gym. The great thing is that all of it is new as the entire complex is new. Our apartment still had that new apartment smell that is like the new car smell. That is so much better than moving into a place and smelling fried food smells left behind by the previous tenant. I am a clean freak, and this apartment meets my standards. I am not a nut about germs, but I don’t want someone else’s grime in my living space. My wife is more easygoing about it, but she gets grossed out in dirty kitchens and bathrooms.

When we travel, we bring our own sheets and stuff. Neither of us can stand to sleep on stuff others have slept on even when it has been laundered. And you know those bedspreads probably only get washed once a month in hotels. This is why it was so nice to get a brand new apartment that had no leftovers from any prior tenant because it is new. This was a very pleasant find for us. If you are going to live in an apartment, new is best.