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A Safe Place to Live in Georgia

I knew that my father was going to have a huge say in where I lived after I accepted a job in Georgia. I had lived in Virginia all my life, but we had been to Georgia many times because my grandparents live right outside of Atlanta. He thought that I could live with them, but I was ready to be out on my own. He is a police officer, and he has raised me to be very careful, so I did not mind that he wanted to help me look at Decatur apartments. I actually would not have expected any less from him.

He also taught me about budgeting, so I had a nice amount in savings to help me through the first few months until my savings could start to accumulate again from my new job. That is why he looked only at the better apartment complexes, knowing that I would be able to afford it. Finish reading “A Safe Place to Live in Georgia