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Lemandom is a popular real estate agency in Thailand for Russians

Many Russians prefer to spend their holidays in warmer countries like India especially Goa, Thailand, Canary Islands, Spain during winter.
Lemandom is a popular real estate agency in Thailand for Russians
They have listed many properties in Phuket and other areas for sale
Calypso Gardens and Surin Sands are a few of the properties which they are marketing.
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350-1200 properties belonging mostly to muslims demolished in nuh, haryana

property management

After the communal violence in nuh haryana,media reported that 350-1200 properties belonging mostly to muslims were demolished in nuh, haryana
The government claims that these properties were illegal constructions
The property owners, who claim that they were residing in the property for three decades in some cases, claim that they did not receive any notice
Now the homeless families have to spend their time outdoors
The demolition using bull dozers started on august 3 and continued till august 7, till the property owners approached the court
Increasingly government agencies are destroying the properties of those who are considered “trouble makers” in north india
Constructing a structure is fairly expensive, several families will be facing great losses due to the destruction of their property
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