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I Ended Up Spackling Today

I have been really busy this week, the boss is doing all sorts of things and since I work for him I am as well. He has lots of stuff going on, much of it does not have anything to do with the company in theory. However when you think about it, there just is not a lot of difference between the man and the company. I have been standing in for him, for instance today I went to look at this place called Signature at Yishun city, obviously these are a new executive condo project. It is about four buildings, each of them 15 stories high and none of them are complete. However they have this show unit and the boss had an appointment to look at it with his wife. I am not really sure what I was supposed to do, but I took a bunch of pictures. He told me that his opinion really did not matter all that much at any rate. So at any rate I went and I did what he told me to do, which meant that I apologized to his wife and then I did what she wanted me to do.

The wife was happier to be honest, because what she needed required physical labor and that is not something that the boss is a lot of good for. I soon realized that it was my job to get their current place looking sparkling fresh for the landlord, so that they could get their deposit back. They have children and children do the things that children do. Some way or another the two of them found out that I knew how to spackle, in fact I am reasonably good at it. I would guess that someone at the office told them and so I was there to fix walls.