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Retired people are not at home for months, no one makes fake claims about home ownership

One of the greatest real estate frauds in goa, is how the government is falsely claiming that call girls, school dropouts and other frauds who have no legal papers, own the house of a single woman engineer, just because the engineer is not at home all the time.
There are many people who are not in their house all the time, there are many elderly and retired people who are away from their home for months.
For example, a retired person living near the home of the domain investor is often away for months for personal reasons
yet no one falsely claims to own the house of the retired person, and no one gets a raw/cbi salary for faking ownership of the house
The fact that only the domain investor, engineer is targetted for the real estate fraud in panaji, goa,. is an indication of the worsening condition of educated women in India