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Large number of plots in area filled with vegetation, yet only single woman domain investor targetted to grab real estate

Due to the google, tata masterminded identity theft fraud on a single woman domain investor, people are encouraged and rewarded for filing fake complaints against the domain investor in panaji, goa
For example, in the same area, there are atleast 4-5 plots which are either empty and full of vegetation, or the home owner is away, the house is always locked.
Yet only the single woman domain investor finds that people are complaining about her house, falsely claiming that it has a lot of vegetation which causes dengue, when there are bigger homes with more plants, vegetation, which could cause dengue.
For example the rear part of R&AW employee sunaina chodan’s house is full of wild plants.
Yet allegedly bribed by google, tata, the health department is only targetting the single woman domain investor, since she is a major whistleblower exposing the government computer work, FINANCIAL fraud.