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This Apartment is a True Gem

I needed to find a place to live fast, so I was willing to settle for just about anything. I figured if I found a place I was not happy with, then I could just move once the lease was up. I was doing most of this over the internet too, which made it that much harder to know what I was getting into. I had little choice though, so I started my search for three bedroom apartments in Oceanside. I knew that we could make do with two if need be, but I really wanted both of my girls to have their own bedrooms if possible.

It was actually my older daughter who found the three bedroom unit at Capella at Rancho Del Oro, and we all knew that it was going to be the place for us to call home. I had not even looked at the community amenities because my main concern was making sure it was in a safe neighborhood first, but the girls were just excited about the pool and fitness center on the property. I can’t really blame them because they have not had access to either one of them before.

I was happy for them, and I was also happy that this was a good neighborhood. The next thing I wanted to see was the layout of the apartment. I thought that it would be small, but it is actually pretty roomy for the three of us. I have a private bath in my room, but the girls are able to use it any time they want. They share a bath along with any guests we may have. There is a large dining room and living room as well as a balcony where we end up eating a lot of our meals now. I was not expecting to find such a gem on our first attempt!