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Watching New Futura Grow from the Ground Up

Buying your forever home can be a pretty daunting task. It is not like a new pair of shoes where you can just go out and get another pair if you find you don’t like them after all. It absolutely does not need to be 100 percent permanent, but it should last for many, many years at the least. Because of this level of commitment, I decided to take my time when I first started looking at the New Futura condo development over a year ago. At that time, there was nothing for me to do but watch anyway, since I would not have been able to purchase a condo then even if I was 100 percent certain it was the right choice.

Instead, what I did was just watch and learn. I went to the actual development site at least once every couple of weeks just to see the progress in person. To see these towers be constructed from the ground up is nothing short of amazing. To see the different features going in, like the swimming pools, was pretty interesting too. Even the landscaping was appealing as it started to take shape and then surpass every expectation I had of it.

I also went online to keep updated on the progress. I was able to read about the dimensions of the condos, the prospective floor plans, the amenities and features for anyone who lives there. It was magical, watching this get created right in front of my very eyes. When I saw the actual floor plans last month, that was the final thing I needed. I knew that this was home. To be honest, I knew it was home a year ago too. Now, I just have to wait until I can move my furniture in and really make it mine.