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Comparing real estate and website investment

After website development and monetization became popular, these officials thought that they could also make some quick money from well developed websites by threatening or forcing the original website owner to sell the website cheaply. Allegedly google also encouraged the trend, ranking websites belonging to well connected individuals, especially senior government officials and their associates, high in google , though the quality of the content was poor. In return these government officials would ensure that google faced no problems locally and was promoted by these extremely powerful officials

Unfortunately these officials did not realize that unlike real estate which provides people a place to stay, online property only has advertising revenues or can be used for selling a product or service. So as the online advertising rates have decreased, owning a website is not profitable at all, most people are making very little money online. they would make far more money offline in the same time, making the same effort. However there is no reduction in the harassment of harmless domain investors by powerful greedy ntro officials who are allowed to abuse their powers for personal gain or hatred, as they fail to realize the fundamental difference between real estate and domain names. .

One of the main advantages of investing in real estate is that it is essential for the existence of human beings, unlike most websites which will not make a major difference. people will always require a place to stay, where they will be sheltered from the environment. Hence investing in real estate is always a recommended investment option. However the major disadvantage is that a fairly large amount is required to purchase any kind of property