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Intelligence/security agency employees locking house gate of google competitor from outside

Though the brahmin reliance vp jahnavi gadkar killed innocent people she is able to lead a normal life, without any harassment and complete freedom within a year , while a harmless google competitor has been harassed for more than 7 years since 2010 as cbi, intelligence and security agency employees try to find non existent proof against a harmless single woman engineer.
In a clear case of harassment, abuse of power the harmless google competitor and engineer is under surveillance since 2010 across multiple states in india, and it is being used to harass the harmless single woman engineer and for organized stalking. The shameless fraud CBI, security agencies, NTRO employees are falsely claiming that their girlfriends and relatives ,lazy frauds, own the house of the google competitor to pay them a monthly salary, as part of google’s extremely vicious defamation campaign against the google competitor
So the surveillance is used to track the location of the google competitor and when she is on the top floor of the house, it appears that the intelligence and security agencies, their associates are opening the gate of the house, trying to enter the house and then closing the gate from outside. Normally when the google competitor and domain investor is in the house, she will lock the gate of the house from inside .
At around 11 am on June 30, 2017 the domain investor had locked the gate from inside. Later at around 12.48 hours on June 30, 2017, when the domain investor was leaving the house, she noticed that the gate had been closed from outside, indicating that the gate had been opened and closed . When she was in the house, she had not noticed anyone opening or closing the gate , yet it had happened, indicating that someone was stealthily doing the same, for harassing.

This is not the first time that the door was opened or locked from outside when the domain investor was inside by an unidentified person, clearly indicating that the domain investor is being closely watched when she is at home, as the local government employees are trying to grab real estate .