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Mother of chief justice of India, Mukta Bobde cheated of hall rentals in Nagpur

The domain investor is complaining about real estate fraud, because older single women are usually targetted in India since they have no one to help or defend them. Even the Mother of chief justice of India, Bobde was targetted cheated of marriage hall rentals in Nagpur according to media reports
Since she was quite old , Mukta Bobde had outsourced renting of the marriage hall to one Mr Ghosh, who was supposed to pay her a percentage of the amount collected.
However, since older single women are always being cheated in India, with no one to help them, Ghosh collected rentals, and did not pay her the amount due.
The cheating was only exposed during the covid-19 pandemic when some of the functions were cancelled
Later when an investigation was carried out, it was found that Mukta Bobde was cheated of Rs 2.5 crore

When the mother of one of the most powerful government officials was cheated, because she was old, who is there to help other older single women who are also victims of real estate fraud in India with no one to help them?