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Month: August 2017

CBI, NTRO, R&AW involved in major real estate fraud to pay google, tata sponsored sex worker, eigth standard pass gujju housewife naina monthly government salary

August 8, 2017 • admin

In a major real estate fraud allegedly masterminded by google, tata employees since 2010,CBI, NTRO, R&AW , security agency employees in panaji, goa are involved in a major real estate fraud falsely claiming google, tata sponsored slim goan obc bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc and eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, who have no savings of their own, own the house of a single woman obc engineer, google competitor with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai, to get these frauds lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs and a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the engineer and domain investor.
Just because a single woman is not staying in a house alone, because of fake cases which are filed against her by google, tata employees who want to steal her money, resume, , it does not mean that CBI, NTRO, R&AW, security agencies can falsely claim that their girlfriends, sex partners and relatives own the house of a private citizen to get the relatives, friends and sex partners of the corrupt indian government employees to get these mediocre lazy greedy fraud girlfriends, relatives, sex partners R&AW/CBI jobs with monthly salary

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Indian government purchases land, cannot purchase domains for lazy fraud R&AW/CBI employees goan gsb fraud riddhi nayak, siddhi sunaina veena

August 6, 2017 • admin

When the indian government and state government in any place in india wants land in any place in India owned by a private citizen, it will purchase the land paying the market price of the land to the land owner who does not have to pay any other expense in future .
However in the endless financial, identity theft FRAUD, SEX racket masterminded by google, tata, raw, cbi, ntro, security agency employees since 2010, the crooked fraud indian government is refusing to purchase the domain names from india’s largest female domain investor, a private citizen, a google competitor with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai expects her to pay all the expenses, spend her time and money managing the domain names, and then falsely claims that as many 10 lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced google, tata sponsored goan sex workers sunaina, siddhi, cheater housewives goan gsb fraud extortionist riddhi nayak, veena, naina, nayanshree hathwar, ruchika and other frauds who do not spend any money on domain names, own the domain names to pay all these lazy fraud women a monthly indian government salary.
When the government can pay for land from private citizens, why do R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees not pay the market price for domain names like , why are google, tata, raw, cbi, ntro, security agency employees shameless section 420 frauds making fake claims about the ownership of domain names of a private citizen, a google competitor, india’s largest female domain investor, to deny the google competitor, the income and opportunities she deserved?

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This Apartment is a True Gem

August 3, 2017 • asp

I needed to find a place to live fast, so I was willing to settle for just about anything. I figured if I found a place I was not happy with, then I could just move once the lease was up. I was doing most of this over the internet too, which made it that much harder to know what I was getting into. I had little choice though, so I started my search for three bedroom apartments in Oceanside. I knew that we could make do with two if need be, but I really wanted both of my girls to have their own bedrooms if possible.

It was actually my older daughter who found the three bedroom unit at Capella at Rancho Del Oro, and we all knew that it was going to be the place for us to call home. Finish reading “This Apartment is a True Gem

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Finding the Perfect Apartment is Like Finding a Rare Treasure

August 3, 2017 • asp

We got married and got a dog nine months later. We used the timing to say that he was our first kid. It was funny how that little puppy ended up being exactly like our kid. He is as much a part of us as my wife and I are family. There was no way we would be moving without our dog. When we were wanting to move when our lease was up, we looked for luxury apartments for Mission Viejo. We found a great place that is pet friendly. I am really appreciative that property management companies now realize that younger couples with dogs really consider them to be a part of the family, and that we are very responsible with our pets.

Our dog has health insurance, a microchip, has all of his vaccinations and eats ultra-premium dog food. We even have a video monitoring system to keep an eye on him while we work. We both can telecommute certain days each week, so he is rarely left alone longer than about five hours. He is cool with it even though we are not. We are like doting parents who worry about him. The place is very nice where we moved to. We both really like the pool. Finish reading “Finding the Perfect Apartment is Like Finding a Rare Treasure

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